Mattamuskeet Ventures Farm Fact Sheet
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This fact sheet details the 600-acre pilot project that was completed in 2010 by the NC Coastal Federation on Mattamuskeet Ventures Farm. This project was developed to reduce agricultural runoff into various water ways while also offsetting salt water infiltration issues faced by farmers in the region.
White Oak River
The White Oak River Restoration Plan promotes simple solutions to infiltrate rain and reduce polluted runoff flowing into Dubling Creek, Boathouse Creek, Hills Bay, and the waters north of the N.C. 24 bridges in Cedar Point, on the Carteret County side of the river.
This image shows the NC Coastal Federation's living shoreline, an erosion control project, at Jockey's Ridge State Park. The image looks onto the oyster bag sill that makes up the living shoreline from behind a bed of marsh grass. Beyond the living shoreline the sound and sand dunes can be seen.
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This fact sheet details the creation of Jockeys Ridge State Park, the erosion issues that are being faced, and how the NC Coastal Federation's living shoreline project is working to restore and preserve the area.
In 2023, the Federation successfully lobbied the state General Assembly to cover residential docks that are built along our coast back under the state’s building code.
Eagle Point Golf Course Fact Sheet
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This fact sheet detail the work being done at Eagle Point Golf Course to prevent furth degradation and improve water quality in the shellfishing water of Little Creek in New Hanover County.
This fact sheet details the purpose and timeline of the educational Student Wetland Nursery Program which educates students on the importance of wetlands while also allowing them to gain real world experience and help with restoration efforts.
Stormwater rain garden
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This fact sheet details the definition of a rain garden, how they improve water quality and provide habitat for pollinators, and the steps to building your own.
North River Farms Fact Sheet
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This fact sheet details the stormwater runoff issues faced by three watersheds near North River Farms and how restoring the 6,000 acres of farm land back into wetland will pre-treat agricultural runoff, improve overall water quality, and provide habitat for native plants and animals.
Morris Landing Living Shoreline
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This fact sheet details the overarching issues in the Stump Sound watershed as well as the degradation to Morris Landing caused by unregulated use. This resource explain how the conservation easement, living shoreline, and on going volunteer work are restoring the area while preserving it for future use.
Jones Island Fact Sheet
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This fact sheet details the water quality issues in the White Oak River and the positive impacts preserving Jones Island has on water quality, native plants, and habitat protection in the area.
An image taken from the sound that runs alongside the North Carolina Coastal Federation's Hoop Pole Creek nature trail. The image shows the sun setting over houses and the Atlantic Beach Water Tower. You can see the sound and the adjacent marsh in front of the houses.
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This fact sheet details the preservation story of Hoop Pole Creek, the important ecosystem and community service the area provides, as well as the ongoing volunteer efforts that keep the area productive and beautiful.
Low Impact Development on Harkers Island Fact Sheet
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This fact sheet details the low impact development techniques being used at the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center and the Cape Lookout National Seashore Visitor Center on Harkers Island to reduce bacteria concentrations in Core Sound from stormwater runoff.
an image of a group of volunteers using bagged oyster shells to construct a living shoreline
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This fact sheet details the NC Coastal Federation's Living Shoreline project on Durant's Point in Hatteras.
Rainwater Cisterns Fact Sheet
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This fact sheet details cisterns and how they can be used to prevent stormwater runoff, improve water quality, and create resiliency.
Erosion Control: Non-Structural Alternatives
This publication is designed to help waterfront property owners evaluate their specific situation and select the remedy that can best protect property and benefit our environment.
NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund Fact Sheet
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This fact sheet details the creation and maintenance of the NC Clean Water Management Trust. Information on projects that were funded between 1997 and 2003 is also provided.