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About the Coastal Ambassadors

The Southeast Coastal Ambassadors are a special group of volunteers, located within the southeast region of our coast, that are actively engaged and educated in the North Carolina Coastal Federation’s work and projects. Ambassadors serve as representatives of the Federation at festivals, programs, outreach events, restoration projects, and more. Ambassadors have the flexibility to participate in events of their choosing whether it be our education programs, outreach events, or restoration efforts. Benefits of being an ambassador include monthly meetings, special field trips, and recognition through T-shirts and name tags.

Each month, the Federation hosts a program meeting designed to be fun and interactive, allowing volunteers to socialize with one another while learning more about the work of the Federation and the coastal environment.

To become an official Southeast Coastal Ambassador, participants are required to attend at least four meetings and represent the Coastal Federation at a minimum of four events per year.


  • Develop a personal elevator speech to engage people on the work of the Federation.
  • Greet people and hand out Federation publications at events and programs.
  • Direct people to Federation staff for questions you are unsure of.
  • Collect emails from people interested in learning more about the Federation and volunteer opportunities.
  • Coordinate with the coastal education coordinator on event details, scheduled shifts, and any setup/breakdown of equipment and materials.
  • Check monthly e-mails to sign up for meetings or upcoming volunteer opportunities.
  • New program participants must complete a virtual orientation session.

Register for Upcoming Meetings & Events

August 2023 Coastal Ambassador Meeting

August 30th, 2023

Estuary Exploration

September 20th, 2023

NC Oyster Month

October 24th, 2023

Learn More

To learn more about the Coastal Ambassador program contact Bonnie Mitchell, coastal education coordinator, at or 910-509-2838 ext. 204.