Properties You Can Visit

The preservation and restoration of coastal lands are integral to clean

and healthy coastal waters.

The North Carolina coast is rich with wild spaces that help perpetuate the productivity of our coastal ecosystems.

The Federation has been involved with the preservation of tens of thousands of acres of special properties since 1982. These lands are located in sensitive environmental areas such as the headwaters and shorelines of coastal rivers, creeks, and sounds. Many of these properties were either once slated for intensive development or were already extensively ditched and drained. Ownership of some of these lands was transferred to various state or local government agencies for long-term preservation and public use.

More than 6,700 acres are still managed by the Federation and benefit other areas of our mission, such as restoring water quality, creating oyster habitat, restoring and establishing wetlands, protecting vulnerable species, educating the public, and increasing accessibility to natural spaces.

Visit These Special Places

The Power of Policy

You can help protect one of the healthiest and most beautiful ecosystems in the world through advocacy and policy.