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Over the past 40 years, the North Carolina Coastal Federation has worked alongside coastal communities to protect and restore the unique North Carolina coast. As a member supported non-profit the Coastal Federation’s goals are obtained through a variety of programs and partnerships with people from all walks of life. Through efforts for clean coastal waters, living shorelines, thriving oysters, effective coastal management, and marine debris removal, the Federation and North Carolina’s coastal communities continue to work together for a healthy coast!

Happening Now

The Coastal Leadership Institute

Empowering local leaders today for a healthier and safer tomorrow

Coastal issues are complex and urgent, the Coastal Leadership Institute addresses this by providing practical knowledge, applicable resources, and a peer network to support the sustainable management of our coast and communities.


Learn About The New Center for Coastal Protection and Restoration

Connecting. Conserving. Inspiring.

The new Center for Coastal Protection and Restoration will address the needs of the coast by showcasing the leading ideas in sustainable design and coastal resilience, while using cutting-edge technology to provide solutions and educational opportunities to people across our state.

Bringing Coastal Issues to Life

Support Coastal Communication!

Your gift will help deliver higher quality news videos about the coast to screen across North Carolina.







We The Water

A North Carolina Coast Paddling Initiative

A 120-mile paddling campaign along Southeastern North Carolina to advocate for clean water, empower local communities, bring awareness of contamination and protect the most vital element of our lives: water.

This journey will tell the story of the North Carolina coast.


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