Photo by Ashita Gona

Kelly Bodie, membership director for the North Carolina Coastal Federation, spoke with Ben Ball of The Talk Station’s Coastal Daybreak (WTKF-FM 107.1) on April 21 about the recently launched Adopt an Oyster program.

Adopt an Oyster is designed to raise money for the federation’s 50 Million Oyster Initiative. By 2020, the federation and its partners will create 50 new acres of oyster sanctuary throughout North Carolina’s waters, starting with 15 acres of oyster sanctuary in Pamlico Sound this year.

During the interview, Bodie talked about how those who adopt an oyster will receive four “quick, quirky” text or email updates during sanctuary construction about the oyster growth process. People can adopt a single oyster, a dozen or even a bushel.

Ball said the project to restore oyster in North Carolina is a “win-win project.”

“When we restore those oyster beds, it cleans up the water and we also get oysters,” Ball said. “I mean, how do you go wrong?”

Bodie echoed this and added that oysters are good for the economy, noting that a dozen adult oysters filter approximately 600 gallons of water a day. This is because a single, adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day.

More information on the 50 Million Oyster Initiative and the Adopt an Oyster program is available at

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