Oil Rig

Oil Rig

Say No to Offshore Oil in North Carolina.
Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Development

On July 31, 2015 the North Carolina Coastal Federation held a daylong forum to address the issues of offshore drilling in our state. Issues such as economic impact, environmental conditions and social aspects were discussed.

Presentations & Videos

What Does Offshore Drilling Mean For North Carolina?

Greg “Rudi” Rudolph, shore protection manager, Carteret County

History of Oil and Gas Exploration in North Carolina

Frank Tursi, editor, Coastal Review Online

Federal Review of Potential for Exploration in the Southeast Atlantic

Renee Orr, strategic resources chief, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)

State of North Carolina Assessment of Offshore Drilling

Donald van der Vaart, secretary, North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Economic Implications of Oil and Gas Exploration and Development

MODERATOR: Doug Wakeman, Ph.D. professor, Meredith College

Economic Considerations for North Carolina

Dr. Laura Taylor, professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, North Carolina State University

Coastal Communities and Tourism Value

Lee Nettles, executive director, Outer Banks Visitor’s Bureau

Environmental Implications of Oil and Gas Exploration and Development

MODERATOR: Mike Giles, coastal advocate, North Carolina Coastal Federation

What Do We Know? Data Gaps and the Way Forward

Dr. Charles “Pete” Peterson, joint distinguished professor, University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Sciences

Marine Mammals of the Southeast Atlantic

Dr. Andy Read, Stephen A. Toth, professor of Marine Biology, Duke University

Seismic Surveys and Marine Mammal Impacts

Dr. Doug Nowacek, associate professor, Duke University

Fisheries of the Southeast Atlantic

Dr. Steve Ross, research professor, University of North Carolina-Wilmington Center for Marine Science

Ocean Currents and Oil

Dr. Len Pietrafesa, professor emeritus, Department of Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, North Carolina State University

The Fishing Industry and Oil: Experiences in Coastal Louisiana

Robert Fritchey, author, Wetland Riders

Infrastructure of the Oil and Gas Industry

Peg Howell, former Chevron employee

What Happens Now?
Legal Issues after a Disaster

Steve Roady, managing attorney, Earthjustice, Oceans Program

Pulse of the North Carolina Coast

MODERATOR: Frank Tursi, editor, Coastal Review Online

April Clark, owner, Second Wind Eco Tours and Yoga

Morty Gaskill, commercial fisherman

Mac Gibbs, retired, Hyde County North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Willo Kelly, consultant, Outer Banks Association of Realtors, Outer Banks Home Builder’s Association

Todd Miller, executive director, North Carolina Coastal Federation