Stormwater Retrofits - retrofitted

Nature-based Stormwater Strategies are an effective and economical strategy to reduce flooding and improve water quality by disconnecting impervious surfaces and promoting infiltration on site.

Below is a comparison between a conventional and retrofitted single family home.

Stormwater runoff flows from a conventional home when rain hits the impervious roof, walkway and driveway. The polluted runoff then flows to the storm drain where it can reach surface waters. In contrast, stormwater runoff was significantly reduced by installing simple retrofits to disconnect impervious surfaces.

Gutter downspouts were rerouted to rain gardens and rain barrels while the driveway and walkway were resurfaced with pervious pavement.

“We encourage the use of low impact development treatment practices that put stormwater back into the ground or allow it to be used by plants. This protects streams from the pollution and erosion that are often an unfortunate side effect of development protects.”

Annette Lucas, Stormwater Program Supervisor, Division of Energy Mineral and Land Resources

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