Replicating and restoring natural hydrology on farm and forest lands is an effective large scale solution to flooding and water quality.

Stream restoration on farmland improves water quality and field drainage.

You take the water coming off the farmland and put it onto the wetlands, let the wetlands filter it, and then none of the water has to leave the property. By all of us working together we have commercial farm property, but we’ve got incredible wildlife property too.

-Gene Fox, former representative for Mattamuskeet Ventures

Working Lands Resources:

Storm E-Z, NC DEQ

This spreadsheet calculates stormwater runoff based on proposed land use practices and streamlines the stormwater permit application. 

Stormwater Management Model (SWMM), EPA

This tool models how changes in watershed management may affect stormwater runoff.

Water Conservation Dashboard, ESRI

An ArcGIS Tool for water utilities that can show stormwater control measures and the effectiveness of water conservation efforts.

Stormwater Control Measure Credit Document, NCDEQ

A guidance document to determine the reduction value for SCMs in North Carolina

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