Reflections on the North Carolina Coastal Federation’s 35th anniversary from its founder and executive director, Todd Miller:

This past fall, I enjoyed some spectacular days along our coast. Getting out on the water on my boat, catching fish and soaking in the beauty of our beaches and estuaries helps keep me motivated and inspired. It’s a formula for renewal and inspiration that has worked since 1982 as I’ve had the pleasure to serve as the executive director of the North Carolina Coastal Federation.

There is nothing that beats watching the sunrise at Cape Lookout while catching trout, red drum, flounder, bluefish and false albacore. And where else except at Shackleford Banks can you run your boat along 13 miles of undeveloped beach and see only wild horses, as well as thousands of waterbirds and even a bald eagle? Just offshore, there are thousands of bottlenose dolphins, and in the past few months I’ve watched several humpback whales — one of which constantly breached and fed on menhaden.

As we embark on our 35th year of work, I’m constantly reminded that our coast is special and deserving of enduring passion to protect and restore it. But without your support, it would be impossible for us to do our jobs.

No one here takes member support for granted. Every donation carries with it a serious responsibility to be used both effectively and efficiently. I am proud that our work reflects that responsibility.

Like you, we’ve seen other coastal areas around this nation and world degraded and squandered by shortsighted land and water-use decisions. While the North Carolina coast has some blemishes, it is relatively healthy and productive compared to many coastlines elsewhere. Our work is designed to keep it that way by making sure that people like you are fully engaged in our coast’s stewardship for the next 35 years and beyond.

35 Years of Accomplishments

Photos from 35 Years