We have exciting news: It just got a lot easier to protect and restore coastal habitat in North Carolina.
In response to the demonstrated need after Hurricane Florence, a new, streamlined permitting process to build and plant living shorelines was approved this spring. Living shorelines are important because they provide fish and shellfish habitat, improve water quality, and prevent erosion on our sound-side shorelines.
This significant change opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities for our coast, and we need your help to get started. Your gift today will help:
  • Educate hundreds of contractors and waterfront property owners,
  • Host two regional workshops on coastal resilience, and a large Coastal Resilience Summit,
  • Lead a national workshop this fall focused entirely on living shorelines,
  • Build awareness and demand for living shorelines.

Learn how to begin the process in your own backyard from the Living Shorelines Academy.