The latest report from Restore America’s Estuaries, “Living Shorelines: From Barriers to Opportunities” has been issued and features contributions from the federation.

Living shorelines are a suite of techniques that offer property owners the opportunity to protect and restore their shoreline using more naturally-occurring systems like salt marsh and oyster reefs while also providing benefits to bays and estuaries. This report provides a national assessment of the barriers that are keeping living shorelines projects and programs from being more widely used. 

The report identifies three major obstacles to broader use of living shorelines: 1) institutional inertia; 2) lack of a broader planning context; and 3) lack of an advocate. To address these obstacles, the report identifies four broad strategies, including: 1) education and outreach; 2) regulatory reform; 3) improve institutional capacity; and 4) public agencies as role models. Each strategy identifies a number of specific and actionable recommendations for decision and policy makers.

Download a copy of the full report.