Gig Harbor Melonseed Rowboat for Sale

  • Built in 2019
  • Length: 16’9”
  • Beam: 66”
  • 2021 Magic Tilt Trailer
  • Two sets of Cedar Oar
  • Boat Cover
  • Single Owner
  • Excellent Condition 

The Melonseed skiff is a fiberglass rowboat popular with fishermen, bird watchers, and rowing enthusiasts. Capable of accepting a small motor, the Melonseed has a fine bow and stern, elevated ends to drive over chop, and a stunningly graceful sheerline. It has a flat bottom box keel which furnishes tremendous tracking ability and is seaworthy for long open water adventures. On the box keel, she sits flat and secure on a dock or beach instead of leaning on to one side like a fin keel boat. The length of 16’9″ and the substantial beam of 66″ allows the use of long sweeps without the need for custom outriggers.

This rowboat was donated to the Coastal Federation after being used less than five times. The original owner also owns a one-seater Melonseed that is their “daily-rower” and only had room for one boat after a move. The rowboat has been stored inside. 

The rowboat, two sets of oars, trailer, and cover have a combined value of over $12,000. 

For more information or to make an offer, contact Amanda Lyle at or 252-393-8185. 

Excerpts from the Small Craft Advisor Magazine review (available on manufactures webpage below):

“We think the Melonseed represents an excellent value. She’s quite versatile, being a pleasurable sailboat, an exceptional rowboat, and being small enough to manhandle but large enough to bring crew, the dog, or a few crab pots along.”

“More stable initially than a typical dinghy at the same length, the Melonseed isn’t twitchy or overly sensitive to crew movement, and her pronounced sheer means her ends carry her up and over choppy seas.”

“Rowing performance was, as expected, excellent. All of the owners we communicated with seemed overwhelmingly satisfied with performance under oar.”