Oyster Blueprint 2021-2025

The 2021-2025 Oyster Restoration and Protection Plan for North Carolina: A Blueprint for Action, also known as The Blueprint, is the fourth edition of the Oyster Restoration and Protection Plan. It provides current and future stakeholders with cohesive direction and guidance that allows them to come together as a united force to implement oyster restoration, protection, harvest and education strategies to produce tangible benefits for the environment and economy. These recommendations are made by the North Carolina Coastal Federation, which facilitated the workgroup process with support from The Pew Charitable Trusts. Every effort has been made to reflect the philosophies, knowledge and expertise contributed by the Oyster Steering Committee and Strategy Workgroup participants.

This Strategic Summary lays out the strategies and tools we, along with our partners, plan to carry out in order to realize the larger goal of The Blueprint.

Full Report: