NC Oyster Blueprint
The logo for the North Carolina Oyster Blueprint. The text reads "North Carolina Oyster Blueprint: An Action Plan for Restoration and Protection".

 Oysters benefit North Carolina’s coastal ecology and economy. These benefits are summarized and referred to as the three “Fs”, for short: food, filter, and fish habitat. They filter water, provide food for humans and create reefs that build homes for more fish. These environmental benefits, in turn, support jobs and provide economic opportunities for coastal communities.

The North Carolina Coastal Federation collaborates with multiple stakeholders and partners to promote oyster restoration, education, science, mariculture and sustainable harvest efforts in the state. The site is designed to keep all things oysters in one convenient location. Learn more about our oyster steering committee, the oyster blueprint, or the history of oysters in the state. Find ways to get involved with oyster restoration through events and the Oyster Trail! Use the website to connect with us to stay informed about upcoming oyster events, the latest news and science and oyster restoration efforts.