Since 1982, the North Carolina Coastal Federation has worked to protect and restore the coastal water quality and habitats of North Carolina. We engage people from all walks of life, both residents and visitors, who are committed to preserving the North Carolina coast for current and future generations.

The federation delivers educational opportunities, restoration efforts, advocacy and news and information on issues affecting our coast.

We offer a wide range of programs and projects to support the restoration and preservation of healthy waters and habitats along our coast. We hope to not only engage, but to provide opportunities and guidance to partners, communities and individuals who seek to preserve the quality of our coast and strengthen our coastal economies.

Through our daily presence in the General Assembly, we advocate on behalf of the coast. We have a contract lobbyist, Rob Lamme, who works the halls of the legislature, moving our agenda forward.

We invite you to learn more about what we do and get involved with our work. Please join us in keeping the North Carolina coast one of the most spectacular and productive coasts on the planet.


To deliver our programs and successfully complete our projects, we coordinate with stakeholders, partners and decision-makers: from community groups to corporations and local businesses to research institutions to government agencies. We achieve long-lasting results by working together.

We are known for finding common ground among diverse groups of people, forming unlikely alliances and recruiting nontraditional partners. We want to work for and with anyone that depends on healthy and productive coastal waters to live, work and play.

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Making a direct human connection with our natural coast is an integral component of our education program, which strives to establish a bond between our audience and our coastal habitats, waters and communities.

Taking people into a marsh, exploring an inlet shoal, building a community rain garden or touring a watershed restoration project enables students, families and public officials to have a much deeper understanding of and appreciation for what it takes to maintain the coast we all love.

Experiencing the outdoors and engaging in hands-on education using local environmental issues, allowing participants to explore and become teachers and implementing service learning and community projects are a few of the tools we use to develop coastal stewards and informed decision makers.

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Our advocacy goes beyond supporting or opposing a position — we take action by engaging people from all walks of life in decisions about the future of our coast. We inform and unite people, communities, businesses and government agencies to form effective partnerships. We build public and political support for compatible land and water uses that protect coastal water quality, critical habitats and public access.

By identifying and communicating injustices, to both people and the coastal environment, we help decision-makers consider the long-term consequences of their actions.

We have a daily presence in the General Assembly. Our contract lobbyist works the legislature to move our agenda forward, seeking laws and policies that are in the best interest of the North Carolina coast and the communities that depend on it.

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In the field, we restore and protect critically important coastal habitats and water quality, putting into action our collaboration, advocacy and education efforts to ensure a clean and healthy coast for all.

The federation coordinates and engages neighborhoods, local governments, engineers, contractors, landowners and a host of volunteers to complete both small and large-scale restoration projects along the North Carolina coast.

Our work repairs damaged coastal areas by building and preserving oyster reefs, living shorelines, wetlands, shorebird nesting rookeries and native coastal forests. We install retrofits to drainage systems to reduce the amount of polluted stormwater reaching our waterways, ensuring the waters we all depend on to fish, boat and swim in are clean and safe.

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The federation produces Coastal Review Online (CRO), a daily, not-for-profit news and feature service covering the North Carolina coast. A member of the North Carolina Press Association, CRO is a highly-valued public information resource for coastal issues. While the federation often advocates for better laws and policies, CRO is not an advocacy publication.

Written by professional journalists, CRO covers both sides of the issues and strives to meet the highest standards of fairness and accuracy. CRO’s approach holds strongly to the belief that if you give the public the facts, they will come to the right conclusions.

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