Since 1982, the North Carolina Coastal Federation has worked to protect and restore the coastal water quality and habitats of North Carolina. We engage people from all walks of life, both residents and visitors, who are committed to preserving the North Carolina coast for current and future generations.

The Federation delivers educational opportunities, restoration efforts, advocacy, and news and information on issues affecting our coast.

We offer a wide range of programs and projects to support the restoration and preservation of healthy waters and habitats along our coast. We hope to not only engage but to provide opportunities and guidance to partners, communities, and individuals who seek to preserve the quality of our coast and strengthen our coastal economies.

Through our daily presence in the General Assembly, we advocate on behalf of the coast. We have a contract lobbyist, Rob Lamme, who works the halls of the legislature, moving our agenda forward.

With your support, the Federation continues to make the coast a better place to live, visit, work and play. We engage people from all walks of life, both residents and visitors, to help us protect and restore the coast for current and future generations.

This is how we do our work:

Seek Environmental Justice

The Federation strives to help people from all walks of life become involved in coastal management decisions that affect their communities. Our programs serve the needs of all coastal communities, regardless of race, color, national origin, or socio-economic status.

Lead by Example

Thousands of acres of special lands and waters along our coast have been restored and protected by the Federation since 1982. We manage some of these properties as laboratories for scientific investigations, classrooms for education, and for public access and recreation.

Form Partnerships

The Federation informs and unites people, communities, businesses, and government agencies to form effective partnerships. We achieve long-lasting results by finding common ground among diverse groups of people, forming unlikely alliances, and recruiting nontraditional partners.

Promote Economic and Environmental Connections

A healthy coastal environment and the economy are intrinsically linked. A productive natural coast supports fisheries, farming, tourism, communities, military training and economic growth. Our work helps create jobs, putting people to work growing oysters, restoring wetlands and improving water quality.

Incorporate Coastal Resiliency into Our Work

Our coast is experiencing increased shoreline erosion, coastal flooding, saltwater intrusion and stormwater runoff. We strive to head off these effects of climate change by working toward more resilient ways to manage our coast while protecting natural habitats that help sequester and absorb carbon, decrease erosion and restore water quality.


The Federation builds public and political support for compatible land and water uses that protect coastal water quality, critical habitat, and public access. We seek laws, appropriations, policies, and permit decisions that are in the best interest of the North Carolina coast and the communities that depend on it.


The Federation’s education programs reach students, families, and working professionals to establish a bond between people and the coast. Engaging in hands-on education through volunteering at a restoration workday or exploring a marsh helps people grow as coastal stewards and informed decision-makers.

Inform is the Federation’s award-winning, daily, news service covering the environmental news of the North Carolina coast. Coverage includes science breakthroughs, government, and regulatory actions, and education, as well as the environment, culture, and history of the state’s 20 coastal counties. Written by professional journalists, Coastal Review strives to provide thorough coverage of coastal issues and meet the highest standards of fairness and accuracy. Editorial decisions are made independently of the publisher and any other persons or interests. Launched in 2012, Coastal Review has been a member of the North Carolina Press Association since 2015. In 2021, the press association recognized Coastal Review with a first-place award for public service, along with a first-place award for appearance and design and second-place awards for community coverage and general excellence.

Restore and Protect

The Federation restores and protects critically important coastal habitats and water quality. We put into action our collaboration, advocacy, and education efforts to ensure a clean and healthy coast for all. We coordinate and engage with neighborhoods, local governments, engineers, contractors, landowners, and volunteers to complete both small- and large-scale restoration projects.