The Coastal Federation’s half-acre demonstration oyster lease (also known as an oyster farm) is located in Broad Creek, near their Wanchese office. The federation uses this demonstration site to educate people about oyster farming techniques, and show support for the state goal of increasing the oyster farming industry to a $100 M industry by 2030 as outlined in the State’s Strategic Mariculture Plan. In 2020, the industry was valued at $20 M.

A variety of oyster gear is on display at the site, including floating bags, floating cages, Oyster Grow Pros and hex cages. The farm is currently home to approximately 7,000 oysters. Volunteers work along side lease operator, Ray Devillar, to help sort, clean and maintain the farm.  

Ray regularly monitors the lease. He takes at least weekly water quality measurements including water temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen. And checks the gear for any damage due to wear and tear or after high wind events. 

The demonstration oyster lease is a stop on the NC Oyster Trail, launched in 2020. For more information or to schedule a visit contact: Sara Hallas or Ray Delvillar


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The NC Oyster Trail is a unique tourism experience centered around our state’s tasty oysters and run by people who love them! The grassroots effort is on a mission to provide oyster tourism experiences that help sustain and grow N.C. oyster supply and demand, resulting in economic, environmental and social benefits to the state’s seafood industry and coastal communities.