The North Carolina Coastal Federation teamed up with Swansboro to develop a watershed restoration plan for the town which lays out a framework for reducing stormwater runoff that flows into Foster, Halls, Hammocks, Historic and Ward/Hawkins Creeks ultimately reaching the White Oak.

The Town of Swansboro Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the plan in March 2017.

The plan targets the reduction of 13.3 million gallons of polluted runoff with strategies that promote stormwater infiltration to allow water to slowly soak into the ground instead of flowing into coastal waters.

The goal of the plan is to “turn back the clock” to restore the watersheds so that local waters are safe for fishing and swimming and meet the town’s water quality goals.

Recent Projects

Ward Shore

Ward Shore Park Permeable Parking – 2021

With support by the EPA Section 319 grant program, the Coastal Federation and Town of Swansboro removed sections of asphalt and compacted turf at Ward Shore Park and replaced it with rock filled permeable paving grids to allow stormwater to soak into the ground to reduce runoff while also providing public parking.

Second Permeable Parking Lot at Town Hall — 2019

The federation and Coastal Stormwater Services, Inc. designed a second permeable parking lot for Swansboro Town Hall. It was constructed by the Town using Ecoraster permeable paving grids in the spring of 2019. Instead of contributing to runoff the new parking lot soaks in the rain.

Swansboro Parking Lot

Cistern Installation — 2019

In the fall of 2019, the federation, Town of Swansboro and Onslow Soil and Water Conservation District partnered to install a 2,000-gallon and 3,000 gallon cistern purchased from Rainstorm Solutions. The Cisterns are harvesting rain from the Town’s fire department and public works buildings.

Swansboro Town Hall Rain Garden — 2019

Students from Swansboro Middle School helped the federation and Onslow Soil and Water Conservation District build a rain garden to reduce stormwater runoff at Swansboro Town Hall.  The shallow landscaped depression includes native plants and mulch. Rain gardens work the way nature does to capture stormwater runoff so it can soak into the ground. In addition to reducing the amount of runoff being generated from the Town Hall roof the rain garden serves as a community living classroom. Funding for the garden was provided by the North Carolina Community Conservation Assistance Program and the North Carolina Division of Water Resources’ EPA Section 319 Water Quality Program.

Parking lot and bioretention area installed — 2018

While most parking lots are designed to get the rain off site as quickly as possible, the Town of Swansboro and the federation partnered to install a parking lot at Town Hall that actually lets stormwater soak into the ground. The new public parking lot, located between Town Hall and the public safety building provides parking and also absorbs runoff. It includes sections with pervious paver grids that have been filled with rock. The lot was designed by Coastal Stormwater Services, Inc. and was constructed by Task Contracting. Funding for the parking lot was provided by the North Carolina Division of Water Resources’ EPA Section 319 Water Quality Program.

Plan unanimously approved — 2017