Responsible Offshore Wind Development

Offshore wind has the potential to deliver large amounts of renewable energy since the capacity for electrical power generation of an offshore wind farm can be scaled up. Electricity generated from an offshore wind turbine is transmitted to the electric grid via undersea cables to substations on land.
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The North Carolina Coastal Federation supports responsible offshore wind development. This includes drafting, enforcing and evaluating strict industry regulations that avoid, minimize and mitigate environmental impacts. Future projects should be evaluated through a robust stakeholder engagement process to reduce and resolve user conflict along the coast and offshore. The transition to a renewable energy economy will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are accelerating climate change as well as provide economic benefits associated with the burgeoning industry.

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The 2022 Offshore Wind & Wildlife Solutions Summit

The Power of Policy

You can help protect one of the healthiest and most beautiful ecosystems in the world through advocacy and policy.

History of the Issue:

The Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management (BOEM) is responsible for offshore renewable energy development in Federal waters. The map above illustrates the location of the Kitty Hawk Offshore Wind Project currently under lease, and the Wilmington Wind Energy Areas being considered for additional lease sales.
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  • August 2021 BOEM announces it is preparing a supplemental Environmental (EA) and considering a lease sale for Wilmington East
  • July 2021 BOEM publishes a Notice of Intent (NOI) to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Kitty Hawk WEA
  • November 2017 The lease to Avangrid Renewables for Kitty Hawk WEA goes into effect
  • March 2017 Avangrid Renewables, LLC is the provisional winner of the Kitty Hawk WEA, with a high bid of $9,066,650
  • January 2017 BOEM announces Final Sale Notice (FSN) for Kitty Hawk WEA and identifies nine participating companies
  • August 2016 BOEM publishes Proposed Sale Notice (PSN) and Request for Interest (RFI) for Kitty Hawk WEA
  • July 2016 BOEM announces proposed lease sale for Kitty Hawk WEA
  • September 2015 BOEM announces revised EA and issues a “Finding of No Significant Impact” allowing BOEM to begin considering lease sales for the NC WEAs
  • January 2015 BOEM announces the release of an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the NC WEAs and asks for public comments
  • August 2014 BOEM defines three wind energy areas (WEA) in NC: Kitty Hawk, Wilmington West, and Wilmington East
  • December 2012 BOEM publishes Call for Information and Nominations to determine interest in developing offshore wind in NC and its potential impacts