On Friday, March 29 a group of 28 first and second graders from Cape Fear Academy went to the Fred and Alice Stanback Education Center in Wrightsville Beach for a special educational program filled with engaging activities about stormwater runoff and oyster biology. 
The students learned about stormwater runoff through a demonstration using EnviroScape which provides observation and simulation, in real time, of the interactions of precipitation with various land use practices, and the impacts they have on streams, lakes, water supplies and groundwater. The models are used for simulation of both point and nonpoint source pollution, creation of floods, impact of paving, effectiveness of planting buffers and more. Federation staff demonstrated the effects of rain garden mechanics through games like rain garden bowling and hopscotch which break down the process of what is happening at the site. The students were very excited to learn about Oysters and had a blast making their own filters to incorporate all they learned about these amazing filter feeders.
“I was amazed to see how engaged and passionate each student was with the material. I have no doubt they will continue to be coastal stewards for decades to come,” said Bonnie Mitchell, coastal outreach specialist for the southeast office.
To learn more about our work with stormwater runoff and oysters, please visit nccoast.org/stormwater and ncoysters.org. Check out our upcoming events at nccoast.org/events.