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The Need

“Freedom of the press is not just important to democracy, it is democracy.” –Walter Cronkite

Coastal Review Online was launched in 2012 to meet the need for coastal environmental reporting amid downsizing in the newspaper industry. Published daily, Monday through Friday, Coastal Review Online examines all aspects of coastal life and how it is intertwined with eastern North Carolina’s fragile and unique environment.

Since its launch, Coastal Review Online has grown to become a leading source of information on the coast, reaching over 395,000 readers annually and winning a total of 75 awards from the N.C. Press Association.

In addition to our own subscribers, Coastal Review Online partners with more than 10 newspapers, online news sites, and media newsletters to carry specific stories to diverse audiences statewide. These partners include small, coastal newspapers like the Ocracoke Observer, as well as larger organizations like Google News and Capitol Broadcasting Co. Coastal Review Online also carries the news directly to regulators and decision-makers in Raleigh and federal offices in Atlanta and Washington, D.C., including the North Carolina General Assembly.

Coastal Review Online’s team of reporters is mainly composed of experienced, freelance journalists located up and down the North Carolina coast and a legislative reporter in Raleigh. These veteran reporters must often write for other publications as well to make a living. In order for this business model to remain sustainable, competitive compensation and a steady flow of reporting assignments are necessary.

Coastal Review Online remains dedicated to covering the news and stories of all our coastal communities and to delivering that information free of charge without subscriptions or user fees. Access to this information is vital in making informed decisions, bringing communities together and ensuring sound stewardship of our coastal environment.

Unfettered access to news and information is a fundamental aspect of American life and a part of the foundation of our democracy but, especially now, this freedom faces threats from many corners. As you celebrate our many freedoms this Independence Day, please consider a gift to support freedom of information and our free press. Your gift during our Fourth of July Fund Drive will help Coastal Review Online continue to do its part to deliver the information that matters most for the coast. 

Coverage by Coastal Review Online

Coastal Review Online’s coverage provides critical access to information, government reporting and investigative work. A few recent examples include:

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