I grew up making frequent trips to the Gulf Coast, about 250 miles from my hometown in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to stories that illustrate humxnity’s challenge to live in harmony with nature and practice reciprocity, sustainability and gratitude. As climate change has become the defining problem of our time, and perhaps our species, my interest in studying the ocean, resilience and restoration has grown. Since justice, equity and humxn rights are inextricably tied to environmental issues, I am also keenly interested in environmental justice. Presently, I’m pursuing a Master’s of Environmental Management with a focus on coastal environmental management at Duke’s Nicholas School for the Environment. In undergrad, I studied biology and Spanish language at the University of Alabama. After graduating, I worked as a program assistant and consultant for Environmental Defense Fund’s Cuba Program, whose mission is to strengthen climate resilience and sustainability in Cuba’s fisheries. Now, as a Coastal Policy & Restoration Fellow with the North Carolina Coastal Federation, I’m honing an interest in living shorelines and stormwater policies. I’m thrilled to be here.