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Protecting special places

The North Carolina coast is rich with wild, beautiful spaces. The federation has been involved with the preservation of tens of thousands of acres on the coast since 1982. More than 6,700 acres are still managed by the federation and help restore water quality, create oyster habitat, restore and establish wetlands, protect vulnerable species and increase accessibility to natural spaces.

Improving fish habitat with local fishermen

Since 2014, the federation has led the Lost Fishing Gear Recovery Project in an effort to remove lost crab pots from North Carolina sounds. Pots can become lost in a variety of ways, including large weather events. With the help of various partners, commercial fishermen are hired to collect the pots during the no-potting period, typically between Jan. 15 and Feb. 7. In 2018 alone, 76 commercial watermen worked throughout the coast of North Carolina to collect 3,496 lost crab pots.

Restoring oysters

In January 2017, the North Carolina Coastal Federation launched its 50 Million Oyster Initiative, a three-year campaign to restore 50 million oysters in North Carolina waters.

Hop on board — it’s all hands on deck to protect the coast.