Patch reefs are typically smaller-scale restoration efforts carried out by non-profit organizations, universities, or concerned community groups. The reefs created are typically located to either grow oysters, provide shoreline stabilization, or both.

The Federation builds patch reefs through our restaurant-to-reef program, partnerships efforts with the state and other interested groups, including researchers and estuarine shoreline owners, and through our living shoreline projects that use oysters.

Learn about some of our patch reef projects by clicking on the links below:

  • Wysocking Bay – Restaurant to Reef
  • Jockey’s Ridge – Living Shoreline
  • Wanchese Office Demonstration – Living Shoreline
  • Central Living Shoreline Projects
  • SE Living Shoreline Projects

What you can do:

  • Recycle Shell
  • Volunteer to build/monitor reefs
  • Adopt an Oyster