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State Studies LNG Plant at Ports

A plant to export liquid natural gas could be built at the state ports in Morehead City or Wilmington, according to a report presented recently to the N.C. General Assembly. More…

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Help the Pelicans by Giving Back

With your help, the federation will continue work to protect Beacon Island and restore salt marsh. More…


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  • 01.29.2015

    Oysters Are Good for Business

    A two-day conference will stress the importance of oyster restoration projects to the coastal economy. More…
  • 01.28.2015

    Feds Announce Atlantic Drilling Plan

    The Obama Administration announced plans to potentially open portions of the Atlantic coast, including offshore North Carolina, to oil and natural gas drilling for the first time in 30 years. More…
  • 01.27.2015

    Our Coast's Food: Pimento Cheese

    Or "pamena" cheese, as true Southerners might say. The recipe has gotten downright uppity at some restaurants, but this one is a true N.C. classic. More…