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The Starriest Sky on the East Coast

Cape Hatteras National Seashore could become the first "dark sky park" in the world that's on a coastline. Its brilliant nightscape of stars is an environmental, economic and scientific resource. More…

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Coastal Energy Summit Misses the Mark

N.C. Coastal Federation advocate Mike Giles critiques North Carolina's first summit on offshore energy development.  More…


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  • 10.23.2014

    One Commission to Review Them All

    The Rules Review Commission could ultimately alter key rules for enforcing environmental policy. Learn who the members are, what their power is and which constitutional question they're sparking.  More…
  • 10.22.2014

    CRC Won't Fill Science Panel Vacancies Yet

    Uncertain of what an updated sea-level rise report would accomplish, two members of the N.C. Coastal Resource Commission's Science Panel resigned this year. The chairman won't fill any positions until the release of that report in 2015. More…
  • 10.21.2014

    10 N.C. Birds Threatened by Climate Change

    A warming climate is likely to have these 10 birds leaving North Carolina in search of cooler, more hospitable climate, but there are ways you can help.  More…