Our Coast: A Spring for the Birds

Topics: Central Coast, Nature, Our Coast, Wildlife

Ungainly brown pelicans, stately blue herons and boldly patterned oystercatchers are just some of the birds you can see on cruises sponsored by the N.C. Coastal Federation this spring. More >


Our Coast: The Coming of Spring

Topics: Nature, Our Coast, Wildlife

Baby goslins, snapping turtles looking for nests, green anoles hunting mates. All are signs that spring is coming to the freshwater marshes of the coast. More >


A Hike in the Snow Can Be a Birder's Delight

Topics: Central Coast, Nature, Wildlife

Snow days are good days to look for birds. They're a bit more conspicuous against the white background and a little more tolerant of humans. More >


Duck Dynasty: When Waterfowl Ruled the Roost

Topics: Coastal Culture, Northeast Coast, Preservation, Wildlife

Flyway Farms, the last of the family hunting lodges on Currituck Sound, is a remnant of the days when the flocks of ducks seemed endless and the hunting was spectacular. More >


Knotts Island: Preserving a Piece of History

Topics: Coastal Culture, Northeast Coast, Preservation, Wildlife

The Conservation Fund bought one of the last reminders of the days when wealth and seemingly endless flocks of ducks and geese made a far-off corner of our state the playground of rich and famous. More >


Snowy Owls Have Been Good for Business

Topics: Nature, Northeast Coast, Wildlife

The rare appearance of snowy owls on Ocracoke has attracted birders from across the state, boosting the economy during a normally slow time. More >


Testing for Offshore Drilling Sets Off Debate

Topics: Energy, Southeast Coast, Wildlife

Kure Beach's endorsement of seismic testing for offshore oil and natural gas has sparked a debate about the effects of such tests on marine mammals. More >


A Holiday Show: The Dance of the Dolphins

Topics: Nature, Wildlife

Sam Bland got an unexpected surprise after Christmas on a jog down the beach at Emerald Isle. He rushed back with his camera to catch The Dance of the Dolphins. More >

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