Our Coast: The American White Pelican

Topics: Our Coast, Outer Banks, Wildlife

The N.C. Coastal Federation's naturalist, Sam Bland, travels to Pea Island Wildlife Reserve for the rare sighting of white pelicans. This time, over 150 have stopped by on their migration. More >


A Ringside Seat to an Ancient Ritual

Topics: Nature, Wildlife

Bird watchers gather on Ocracoke each fall to scan the skies for migrating kestrels, hawks and other raptors. More >


10 N.C. Birds Threatened by Climate Change

Topics: Climate Change, Wildlife

A warming climate is likely to have these 10 birds leaving North Carolina in search of cooler, more hospitable climate, but there are ways you can help. More >


Exodus: Movement of N.C. Birds?

Topics: Climate Change, Wildlife

Scientists predict that more than half of U.S. birds may be threatened by climate change, including ospreys, wild turkeys and brown pelicans. More >


An Invasion of Tentacles

Topics: Marine Science, Nature, Northeast Coast, Wildlife

An unusual number of Portuguese man-of-war, pushed along by onshore winds, have beached along the Outer Banks, causing officials to warn about nasty stings. More >


Can You Hear Me Now?

Topics: National parks, Northeast Coast, Wildlife

Experimental probes detect motion in sea turtle nests at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, giving park managers flexibility and the hatchlings a cell phone connection. More >


Bulldozers and Turtles? Oh My

Topics: Beach Renourishment, Coastal management, Wildlife

Soon the public will have a chance to comment on a series of proposals aimed to change the way inlets are managed, such as extending the time "window" for dredging and beach re-nourishment into turtle and bird nesting seasons. More >


Boat Cruises to Feature Birds and Full Moons

Topics: Nature, Wildlife

Autumn is a beautiful time of year on the coast. The federation gives you a chance to experience it on boat cruises this fall. More >

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