Horseshoe Crabs: Our Coast's Living Fossils

Topics: Coastal management, Wildlife

Conch fishermen, little shorebirds called red knots and flu vaccinations all share something in common. That's right. Horseshoe crabs. More >


Time to Forget the Groin at Figure Eight

Topics: Coastal management, Southeast Coast, Terminal groins, Wildlife

An ill-conceived effort to build a terminal groin on a spit of land in Rich Inlet should be abandoned in favor of a more environmentally friendly alternative. More >


Explore the Beauty of the Marsh on Foot

Topics: Nature, NCCF in the News, Southeast Coast, Wildlife

Participants will explore marshes and learn about the plants and animals that live there and how they adapt to ever-changing conditions. More >


Groups: Figure Eight Groin for the Birds

Topics: Advocacy, Coastal management, Southeast Coast, Terminal groins, Wildlife

Figuratively speaking, that is. The feathered kind, like the little piping plover, will likely suffer if Figure Eight Island builds its proposed terminal groin at Rich Inlet, environmentalists say. More >


Our Coast: A Wetland for Wood Storks

Topics: Nature, Our Coast, Southeast Coast, Wetlands , Wildlife

Our naturalist Sam Bland kayaks through a wetland along our southeast coast and into the heart of a wood stork rookery. Here are his story and amazing photos. More >


Our Coast: Great Blue Heron

Topics: Nature, Wildlife

Statuesque and graceful in movement, the great blue heron is one of North America's most familiar and adaptable wading birds. More >


Bird Expert Will Launch Speaker Series

Topics: Nature, NCCF in the News, Southeast Coast, Wildlife

Walker Golder of Audubon North Carolina will launch the federation’s Coastal Speaker Series at its newly opened Fred and Alice Stanback Coastal Education Center. More >


Our Coast: A Spring for the Birds

Topics: Central Coast, Nature, Our Coast, Wildlife

Ungainly brown pelicans, stately blue herons and boldly patterned oystercatchers are just some of the birds you can see on cruises sponsored by the N.C. Coastal Federation this spring. More >

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