10 N.C. Birds Threatened by Climate Change

Topics: Climate Change, Wildlife

A warming climate is likely to have these 10 birds leaving North Carolina in search of cooler, more hospitable climate, but there are ways you can help. More >


Exodus: Movement of N.C. Birds?

Topics: Climate Change, Wildlife

Scientists predict that more than half of U.S. birds may be threatened by climate change, including ospreys, wild turkeys and brown pelicans. More >


An Invasion of Tentacles

Topics: Marine Science, Nature, Northeast Coast, Wildlife

An unusual number of Portuguese man-of-war, pushed along by onshore winds, have beached along the Outer Banks, causing officials to warn about nasty stings. More >


Can You Hear Me Now?

Topics: National parks, Northeast Coast, Wildlife

Experimental probes detect motion in sea turtle nests at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, giving park managers flexibility and the hatchlings a cell phone connection. More >


Bulldozers and Turtles? Oh My

Topics: Beach Renourishment, Coastal management, Wildlife

Soon the public will have a chance to comment on a series of proposals aimed to change the way inlets are managed, such as extending the time "window" for dredging and beach re-nourishment into turtle and bird nesting seasons. More >


Boat Cruises to Feature Birds and Full Moons

Topics: Nature, Wildlife

Autumn is a beautiful time of year on the coast. The federation gives you a chance to experience it on boat cruises this fall. More >


The State of the Sharks

Topics: Fisheries, Wildlife

Some say sharks are endangered, others that great whites are on the surge. We take you on a shark research ship to learn what's happening to our coast's top predators. More >


The Plight of the Monarchs

Topics: Native Plants, Outer Banks, Wildlife

Soon the monarch butterflies will begin their fall migration along Eastern North Carolina. However, some experts say this keystone species is in serious trouble. More >

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