Remembering One of Our Coastal Heroes

Topics: Central Coast, Fisheries, Stormwater

The N.C. coast lost a great friend and champion with the death of Bernice Rice of Thomas Landing in Onslow County. More >


What's Wrong With Lake Mattamuskeet?

Topics: Agriculture, Fisheries, Northeast Coast, Water Quality

The largest natural lake in the state is in trouble. Everybody who has anything to do with the lake is worried, but no one really knows what's causing the problems or how to fix them. More >


Casting New Light on Ocean Acidity

Topics: Climate Change, Energy, Fisheries, Marine Science

That's a pteropod. No bigger than a pea, it's very sensitive to acidity levels in seawater. New research conducted at the Duke Marine Lab suggests that these sea butterflies and other marine animals could be in for a tough future. More >


A 'Shellebration' to Honor the Oyster

Topics: Fisheries, NCCF in the News, Oysters

The N.C. Coastal Federation is planning parties across the state to highlight the importance of oysters to our coastal waters. More >


Our Coast's Food: The New Face of Fishing

Topics: Fisheries, Food, Southeast Coast

Two brothers and a childhood friend got their college degrees and became commercial fishermen and entrepreneurs. Meet the new breed of fishermen. More >


Crab Pot Project Gets a Thumbs Up

Topics: Fisheries, Northeast Coast

Watermen worked with conservationists and law enforcement to remove derelict fishing gear from the water during the first phase of a N.C. Coastal Federation project. More >


Our Coast: Flounder Gigging

Topics: Central Coast, Coastal Culture, Fisheries

Each fall, flounder begin to find their way to the ocean, with fishermen in pursuit. Some use hook and some use net. Sam Bland, our intrepid naturalist, explains the age-old art of gigging for them. More >


Finally, a Sigh of Relief

Topics: Central Coast, Coastal Culture, Fisheries, Northeast Coast, Politics

Business owners who heavily depend on the busy fall fishing season at North Carolina’s national seashores are breathing a little easier today with the end of the federal government shutdown that closed the seashores. More >

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