Catlin Defends Changes to Coal Ash Bill

Topics: Energy, Legislature

Rep. Rick Catlin of New Hanover County and the N.C. House have come under fire for amendments that opponents say weaken a bill to clean up coal ash ponds. More >


Groups Critical of Ports' Wood Pellet Studies

Topics: Coastal management, Energy, Forestry

The Ports Authority claims that wood pellet plants in Morehead City and Wilmington would have no significant effects on the environment. Others seek a more thorough evaluation. More >


Sutton Ponds: An Open-Ended Priority

Topics: Business and Industry, Energy, Pollution, Southeast Coast

In the last of two parts, we'll uncover what is being done to clean up the two million tons of toxic coal ash that leaks slowly from unlined ponds at the Sutton power plant outside of Wilmington. More >


Sutton Ponds: A Looming Threat?

Topics: Business and Industry, Energy, Pollution, Southeast Coast

The two coal ash ponds at the L.V. Sutton power plant near Wilmington are leaking heavy metals into the groundwater and a nearby lake. We'll take the next two days to describe what's in the old ponds and what Duke Energy plans to do about it. More >


Sutton Ponds High on Clean-Up List

Topics: Energy, Legislature, Southeast Coast, Water pollution

With the N.C. General Assembly session just a few weeks away, the prospect of a coal ash bill appears likely. The Sutton power plant near Wilmington is considered a priority for clean-up plans. More >


The Sun: A New Crop in New Bern

Topics: Business and Industry, Central Coast, Energy

A new solar farm in New Bern is nearly complete as North Carolina becomes one of the leading producers of solar energy in the nation. More >


Nags Head Opposed to Seismic Testing

Topics: Energy, Northeast Coast

The town passed a resolution opposing the use of air guns to test for oil and natural gas below the sea floor off the N.C. coast. More >


Opinions Split on Offshore Seismic Testing

Topics: Energy

Gov. Pat McCrory welcomed a new federal environmental review that opens the N.C. coast to seismic testing for oil and natural gas, but a number of groups and hundreds people at town meetings disagree. More >

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