Energy From Tides, Waves and Sea

Topics: Energy, Northeast Coast

Experts say that North Carolina is well positioned to be a leader in the production of energy from the marine environment. More >


Ports Pressing Ahead With Wood Pellet Plans

Topics: Energy, Forestry

With all of the required permits in hand, the N.C. State Ports Authority is moving ahead with plans to build wood-pellet export facilities at its ports in Wilmington and Morehead City. More >


Sutton Ash Plan Begins to Take Shape

Topics: Energy, Southeast Coast

Duke Energy hopes to ship much of the 7.2 million pounds of ash at the Wilmington power plant to reclaimed clay mines in Lee and Chatham counties. More >


View from N.C. Beaches: Surf, Dolphins and Oil Rigs?

Topics: Business and Industry, Energy, Politics

Gov. Pat McCrory says testing for oil and gas should include state waters, too. If resources are found within three miles from shore, he would consider drilling there. More >


Texas Tea in the Dunes of Carolina

Topics: Coastal History, Energy, Northeast Coast, Outer Banks

That's what the residents of the Outer Banks thought they had when the oilmen came calling after World War II. Some thought their fortunes were just a gusher away. More >


Making the Unknown Known

Topics: Central Coast, Energy, Marine Science, Southeast Coast

To prepare for possible wind-energy development, researchers are mapping the seafloor off the N.C. coast, a vast uncharted territory. More >


Coastal Energy Summit Misses the Mark

Topics: Business and Industry, Climate Change, Energy, Southeast Coast

N.C. Coastal Federation advocate Mike Giles critiques North Carolina's first summit on offshore energy development. More >


The Tropical Reefs of North Carolina?

Topics: Central Coast, Coastal management, Energy, Marine Science, Southeast Coast

Prompted by the prospect of wind energy development off North Carolina's coast, researchers are finding reefs with tropical fish and corals right off our coast. More >

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