The Sun: A New Crop in New Bern

Topics: Business and Industry, Central Coast, Energy

A new solar farm in New Bern is nearly complete as North Carolina becomes one of the leading producers of solar energy in the nation. More >


Nags Head Opposed to Seismic Testing

Topics: Energy, Northeast Coast

The town passed a resolution opposing the use of air guns to test for oil and natural gas below the sea floor off the N.C. coast. More >


Opinions Split on Offshore Seismic Testing

Topics: Energy

Gov. Pat McCrory welcomed a new federal environmental review that opens the N.C. coast to seismic testing for oil and natural gas, but a number of groups and hundreds people at town meetings disagree. More >


Feds Widen Probe of Coal Ash Ponds

Topics: Energy, Southeast Coast, Water pollution

The U.S. attorney in Raleigh issued more subpoenas that widened the probe of the state's oversight of all toxic coal ash ponds, including three near Wilmington. More >


Are These Bad for Tourism, Home Values?

Topics: Central Coast, Energy

Opponents of a now-dead wind farm in Carteret County claimed that the turbines would depress property values and kill tourism. We take a closer look. More >


Casting New Light on Ocean Acidity

Topics: Climate Change, Energy, Fisheries, Marine Science

That's a pteropod. No bigger than a pea, it's very sensitive to acidity levels in seawater. New research conducted at the Duke Marine Lab suggests that these sea butterflies and other marine animals could be in for a tough future. More >


Testing for Offshore Drilling Sets Off Debate

Topics: Energy, Southeast Coast, Wildlife

Kure Beach's endorsement of seismic testing for offshore oil and natural gas has sparked a debate about the effects of such tests on marine mammals. More >


Wind Farm Plan Causes a Chill in Carteret

Topics: Central Coast, Energy

A proposed wind and solar farm near Newport in Carteret County faces mounting opposition and a new state permit process for which clear guidelines are still being created. More >

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