Coastal management


Marina to CRC: Help Our Boats Get Wet

Topics: Coastal management, Southeast Coast

Boats launching from a Wilmington marina can only access the Cape Fear River at high tide. Marina owners turn to the Coastal Resources Commission today in hopes of a solution. More >


Horseshoe Crabs: Our Coast's Living Fossils

Topics: Coastal management, Wildlife

Conch fishermen, little shorebirds called red knots and flu vaccinations all share something in common. That's right. Horseshoe crabs. More >


Time to Forget the Groin at Figure Eight

Topics: Coastal management, Southeast Coast, Terminal groins, Wildlife

An ill-conceived effort to build a terminal groin on a spit of land in Rich Inlet should be abandoned in favor of a more environmentally friendly alternative. More >


County to Birds: You're on Your Own

Topics: Coastal management, Southeast Coast

New Hanover County wants to be relieved of monitoring shorebirds at relocated Mason Inlet after a third of the way through a 30-year commitment. More >


Groups: Figure Eight Groin for the Birds

Topics: Advocacy, Coastal management, Southeast Coast, Terminal groins, Wildlife

Figuratively speaking, that is. The feathered kind, like the little piping plover, will likely suffer if Figure Eight Island builds its proposed terminal groin at Rich Inlet, environmentalists say. More >


Sunset Beach Plan May Not Stop Project

Topics: Coastal management, Southeast Coast

The town's land-use plan may not stop a proposed project to build 23 oceanfront houses on land that was once an inlet. More >


No Sand on Shack, Park Says

Topics: Beach Renourishment, Central Coast, Coastal management, National parks

After listening to the public and consulting the experts, the superintendent of Cape Lookout National Seashore decided to back away from his controversial request that dredged sand be considered to shore up the eroding end of Shackleford Banks. More >


Groups Critical of Ports' Wood Pellet Studies

Topics: Coastal management, Energy, Forestry

The Ports Authority claims that wood pellet plants in Morehead City and Wilmington would have no significant effects on the environment. Others seek a more thorough evaluation. More >

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