Coastal management


N. Topsail Beach Groins for a Solution

Topics: Central Coast, Coastal management, Terminal groins

Town leaders consider their options for controlling severe erosion at the island's north end, including the possibility of building a terminal groin. More >


Jetty Suggested for Nags Head

Topics: Coastal management, Northeast Coast, Terminal groins

Contractors say this Outer Banks town should be planning for a jetty at its south end, three years after an unprecedented 10-mile beach re-nourishment project. More >


Carteret County Finds Groin Too Costly, Ineffective

Topics: Central Coast, Coastal management, Terminal groins

While some N.C. beach communities are rushing to build terminal groins to control erosion, Carteret County found that they would be too expensive and probably ineffective at Bogue Inlet. More >


Sea-Level Rise Redux

Topics: Climate Change, Coastal management, Sea-Level Rise

There were no fireworks this week over the release of a new draft report on sea-level rise along the N.C. coast. The new report contains no scary forecasts, no hockey stick graphs. More >


Huge Sandbag Wall at N. Topsail Gets OK

Topics: Central Coast, Coastal management

The N.C. Coastal Resources Commission yesterday gave North Topsail Beach the green light to build a massive sandbag wall to protect beachfront houses. More >


County May Help Pay the Mason Inlet Tab

Topics: Coastal management, Southeast Coast

Thanks to a new state law, New Hanover County may begin to consistently funnel money to help maintain relocated Mason Inlet. More >


The Challenge of Living Shorelines

Topics: Advocacy, Coastal management, Living Shorelines

A new report confirms that these more natural ways to control erosion are better for the environment than bulkheads, but few waterfront property owners use them. More >


CRC Won't Fill Science Panel Vacancies Yet

Topics: Coastal management, Politics, Sea-Level Rise

Uncertain of what an updated sea-level rise report would accomplish, two members of the N.C. Coastal Resource Commission's Science Panel resigned this year. The chairman won't fill any positions until the release of that report in 2015. More >

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