Coastal management


What Will a Groin Do to Rare Birds at Rich Inlet?

Topics: Coastal management, Southeast Coast, Terminal groins

That's the million-dollar question. Though the federal review of the possible environmental effects of the proposed terminal groin on Figure Eight Island is nearing completion, federal agencies charged with protecting birds haven't yet started assessing what the groin might do to troubled bird species. More >


Coastal Primer: 'Critical Habitat'

Topics: Coastal management, Wildlife

The federal Endangered Species Act requires the protection of habitat that listed species need to recover. But the creation of so-called "critical habitat" almost always leads to conflicts and usually lawsuits. More >


Lawmakers Weaken Wetlands Protections

Topics: Coastal management, Legislature, Wetlands

In what has become an annual rite, the N.C. General Assembly Friday passed more regulatory changes that weaken environmental protections. Small pockets of coastal wetlands were in the crosshairs this time. More >


Now You See It... Now You Don't

Topics: Budget, Coastal management, Outer Banks

Some controversial coastal provisions that were included in earlier versions didn't make it into the final state budget that Gov. Pat McCrory signed yesterday. More >


Bald Head Seeks Permit for Terminal Groin

Topics: Coastal management, Southeast Coast, Terminal groins

Bald Head Island could become the first N.C. community to build a terminal groin since lawmakers reversed the ban on such structures. First, they must clear a number of hurdles. More >


Restored Coastal Marshes Fight Climate Change

Topics: Central Coast, Climate Change, Coastal management, Habitat Restoration

That's what researchers found at the N.C. Coastal Federation’s wetland restoration project in Carteret County. It's all about the blue carbon. But what is blue carbon? More >


2014 Pelican Award Winners

Topics: Advocacy, Central Coast, Coastal management, Habitat Restoration, Living Shorelines, Low-Impact Development (LID), NCCF in the News, Northeast Coast, Outer Banks, Pelican Awards, Preservation, Rain Gardens, Southeast Coast, Volunteers

A fisherman, a realtor and a former senator are among the 15 recipients of this year's awards, which honor exemplary efforts to preserve and protect the coastal environment. More >


Marina to CRC: Help Our Boats Get Wet

Topics: Coastal management, Southeast Coast

Boats launching from a Wilmington marina can only access the Cape Fear River at high tide. Marina owners turn to the Coastal Resources Commission today in hopes of a solution. More >

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